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★ 當客戶產線有斷線之虞,且會有鉅額賠償金.
★ 合約規定期限,若無法準時送達會有鉅額罰責.
★ 參展貨物必須於24小時內送達.
★ 手機原型機因暫無3C證照,所以必須以Hand Carry方式攜帶.
★ 臍帶血從母體取出後需於36小時內送至臍帶血銀行.
★ 高單價且易碎貨物之運送.
★ 光罩業需在24小時內送交半導體廠.(晶圓廠)
★ 金額的限制:一般旅客攜帶貨物出口,以美金20,000元為上限.
★ 箱數的限制:台北關以4件為限,但高雄關只有金額限制,對於箱數並沒有特別要求.
★ 尺寸限制:一般旅客攜帶貨物上飛機,貨物三邊(長,寬,高)不可超過56*36*23CM,貨物託運寬不可超過80cm,寬不可超過75cm,若超過尺寸必須於飛機起飛前2小時,以超大行李方式Check In.
★ 重量的限制:行李託運每件行李不可超過32公斤,旅客攜帶貨物上飛機行李不可超過7公斤.
★ 超重費:一般旅客託運行李20公斤以內為免費,超過每公斤會酌收超重費,美,加,中南美是2件以內(每件不超過23公斤) 為免費,超過每件會酌收超重費.
★ 保稅廠:客戶必須提供Invoice & Packing & 保稅四聯單或保稅五聯單,Courier會將貨物及所有文件拿至出境海關,讓海關驗貨並放行.(保稅單金額不可超過美金$20,000)
★ 非保稅廠:一般建議直接將貨物託運出口,不要做報關程序,若要報關整個程序需耗費4~6工作小時,且只有星期一到星期五海關上班時間內才可以處理.
Hand Carry不承運之貨品:
1. IATA認定之危險物,爆裂物,易燃品,危禁品
2. 涉及違反著作權或商標權之仿冒商品
3. 生鮮貨品,食物,種子,動植物
4. 煙,酒,液體物品
5. 貨幣,有價證券,古董,珠寶
6. 其他本地及當地海關限制進出口之物品
What is Hand Carry Service?
When you have an urgent shipment needs to reach your customer, we can send a dedicated courier deliver your goods in person, from pick-up to hand over to your consignee, through the shortest flight routing. This is so-called Hand Carry Service.
When will you need our Hand Carry Service?
★ Prevent your customer’s production line down because of material shortage, save your penalty lost.
★ To fulfill your contract delivery deadline, save penalty lost.
★ Exhibition samples need to be arrived at the display place in time.
★ Small numbers of testing or examining prototype.
★ Medical time line limitation, such as, umbilical cord blood needs to be arrived at cord blood bank within 36 hours.
★ High value and/or fragile goods.
★ To fulfill your Just-in-Time supply chain management, especially in IC industry.
Limitations to Hand Carry service
★ Restrictions on the value: Passengers’ belongings are limited under 20,000 US dollars.
★ Number of cartons: Taipei airport customs restricts up to 4 cartons for each passenger. Kaohsiung airport customs does not place any restriction on the number of cartons, just follow the restriction on the value amount.
★ Limitation of Measurement: Passenger boarding baggage total dimensions (Length+Width+Hight) of each piece must not exceed 56*36*23. Any check in luggage length exceed 75cm is subject to check in under large luggage regulation 2 hours prior to the flight schedule.
★ Limitation of Weight: The weight of any single piece of checked baggage should not be over 32kg (70lb). On board baggage must not exceed 7kgs Acceptance of any bag weighing more than 32kg (70lb) is subject to prior approval and notification upon booking/ reservation.
★ Overweight charge: For all destination countries except Americas, passenger free luggage combined weight is 20kgs, overweight will be charged by Airlines. For Central, North and South Americas are by piece system, each passengers are limited 2 piece luggage(cartons) free, each piece should be under 23 kgs.
Does Hand Carry Service provides customs clearance service?
★ Bonded Factories, please provide shipment’s Invoice, Packing List and the Bill of Sufferance to us, our courier will bring the documents along with the goods to go through export declarance process.(bonded Bill of Sufferance value should not exceed USD20,000)
★ Non-Bonded Factories, for time consuming consideration, we would suggest that our courier just take the goods on board directly, because a formal export declaration may take about extra 4-6 hours, and it needs to be processed during customs office working hour (Monday-Friday only).
Does Hand Carry goods need to do customs clearance in the import country?
We would request our customers to go through formal clearance process in any import country, unless the invoice amount is below US$2,000. and the final destination is in the U.S., our courier can declare it as a passenger belongings himself. But if the final destination is not in the U.S., but transit from any of the American airport, and the shipment value is over US$2,000. then we should have our broker conduct data entry prior to our courier arrive at the U.S..
Hand Carry prohibited items
★ All IATA defined dangerous, explosives, flammable …restricted items will not be carried.
★ Any violation of copy right, trademark law goods or counterfeit commodities.
★ Live fresh goods, animals, foods, plants, seeds.
★ Tobacco products, alcohol, liquids and semi-liquids.
★ Currency, valuable negotiable securities, antiques, jewellery.
★ All export and import countries government restricted items.


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